Rev. Dr. Stephen A. Gammon


Stephen Gammon is a third-generation minister who has walked with God since early childhood. A pastor for 40 years, wherever and whenever God has led him, he has served in three local church pastorates, as a denominational leader of ministers and churches (Conservative Congregational Christian Conference), and as an Active Duty and Navy Reserve chaplain. He has walked with God on beautiful mountain tops and through deep and painful valleys, including personal loss and the hard struggle of enduring cancer. He loves sharing the joy and lessons learned from walking with God through it all. Steve and his wife, Helen, now reside in Northfield, Minnesota. They have three adult children and four grandsons.

Dr. Stephen A. Gammon


“I haven’t been so challenged and pushed (in a good way) to draw closer to God and make every effort I can to listen to Him all the time in every single thing by any other book…, and I know parts of it and the overall theme of listening to and following God closely in everything will stick with me for a very long time. Even some of the stories he shares have imbedded themselves in my head as ways God worked in his life that make me want to draw closer to Him so I can see the same kinds of things in my own life as I walk closer with God. Like looking for “God appointments” in seemingly by-chance encounters with people wherever I am. They are never just by chance. As I said before, the book was simple but hugely profound for me as I read it through all three times. I was actually jealous. I wanted to see God work that amazingly in me as He has done in Dr. Gammon’s life for so long. I could go on and on, but it is an awesome book.”

Ruth Zetek, Editor