A Few Praises and A Fresh Petition

A Few Praises and a Fresh Petition By Stephen Gammon | May 19, 2023 God’s Word invites His children to bring our praises to Him, for God is always worthy of our praises!  We are encouraged to offer praise to God through Jesus Christ who has made the way for us to do this: “Through…

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Renew My Passion, Lord!

Walking with God

From 1980-1989, I served Darlington Congregational Church in Pawtucket, Rhode Island.  I have many wonderful memories of those years, including the day when I was set apart and ordained as a minister of the Lord Jesus Christ.  That event took place on February 22, 1981.  I treasure the special photo that was taken of the…

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Well Connected and Fruitful


Christian leadership requires that we remain well connected to Christ as a branch is connected to the vine, and that we lead others to the same. Local churches too are to be well connected to the Lord receiving newness of life and bearing fruit in Him, and remaining well connected to others who also belong…

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