GIVING FREELY AS WE HAVE FREELY RECEIVED By Stephen Gammon | September 4, 2020 As this week my new book has been released, I have been rejoicing again in the wonderful ways the Lord has blessed me through the years, including recently as I walked with Him through the deep valley of cancer.  I rejoice…

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On Intentional Remembering

ON INTENTIONAL REMEMBERING By Stephen Gammon | August 21, 2020 This is an anniversary week for me.  Four years ago this week was my Navy retirement ceremony, and 44 years ago this week Helen and I were married.  How wonderful to intentionally remember!  I remembered by looking again at photo albums and memorabilia from those…

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On Walking Through Fog

ON WALKING THROUGH FOG By Stephen Gammon | July 24, 2020 Yesterday I walked for a while in very thick fog. It was disorienting and I could not see far ahead. As I walked, I prayed, listening carefully to the voice of my Lord. I knew God was walking with me, for He has promised…

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Renew My Passion, Lord!

Walking with God

From 1980-1989, I served Darlington Congregational Church in Pawtucket, Rhode Island.  I have many wonderful memories of those years, including the day when I was set apart and ordained as a minister of the Lord Jesus Christ.  That event took place on February 22, 1981.  I treasure the special photo that was taken of the…

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In the Battle Together


My years of military service taught me the incredible cost of freedom. I have cried with families who have lost loved ones. I have prayed with service members who have lost limbs or bear deep scars to the soul. I have witnessed tears on the faces of aged veterans as they stand at attention on…

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We All Must Change

Change by its’ nature is stressful.  This is true whether it be change we have longed for or change we do not want. But there is no pause button in life. We cannot stay where we are, or remain the same. Through the years that I have walked with God I have confronted many changes,…

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Well Connected and Fruitful


Christian leadership requires that we remain well connected to Christ as a branch is connected to the vine, and that we lead others to the same. Local churches too are to be well connected to the Lord receiving newness of life and bearing fruit in Him, and remaining well connected to others who also belong…

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Remembering God’s Grace To Us

Fair Haven Steeple cloud reflection

FORTY-SIX YEARS AGO Forty-six years may seem like a long time, but in light of eternity it is a brief moment. If you have not yet lived lived this long, ask an older person and they will tell you it is not that long. If you have lived a long life, how quickly has the…

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