Remembering God’s Grace To Us

Fair Haven Steeple cloud reflection

Remembering God’s Grace To Us


Forty-six years may seem like a long time, but in light of eternity it is a brief moment. If you have not yet lived lived this long, ask an older person and they will tell you it is not that long. If you have lived a long life, how quickly has the time gone by, and what has the Lord done for you in those years?

Forty-six years God demonstrated His great grace to me and my life was forever changed. I have not forgotten, and I give Him thanks. On a Saturday night in August, in the sanctuary of the Fair Haven Baptist Church in Fair Haven, Vermont the Lord Jesus met me and called me to yield to His lordship. (The picture above was taken by my father, showing the lights of the Fair Haven Baptist Church Steeple reflecting a cross on the clouds.)

God extended great grace to me that night. I said “yes” to Him, and He has faithfully led and been with me every step along the way, in times of joy and in seasons of trial. I am forever grateful.


Too easily we can forget the times God has met us. As our memories grow dim so can our appreciation for His grace to us. Psalm 136 is a beautiful reminder to remember what God has done for us as a people, a plea to remember that His love has endured forever, it does today, and always will. Psalm 77 expresses the Psalmist’s faith decision to remember what God has done in the past. When in distress and facing hard challenges he made a faith decision, choosing to take his eyes off his circumstances and to remember the Lord’s grace in times past.

We would do well to develop this discipline of remembering God’s grace to us. When we fail to do so we flounder needlessly, but when in faith we do remember, God reminds us that He has not changed and His love and grace for us remain the same today.


In the process of writing “Walking With God: 101 Lessons for Life and Ministry” I remembered and recounted so many expressions of God’s grace to me. I did the same when I wrote “Walking With God Through Deep Valleys“. Every remembrance of His grace brought me new encouragement and strength. I never want to forget what the Lord has done for me. I do not want to dismiss the treasures of His grace.

Let me encourage you to remember God’s great grace to you. Recall the times through your own life when He spoke to you, when He met you, when He led you, when He made Himself known to you in some way, and you were changed. Remember, give Him thanks and praise, and enjoy God’s grace to you for today.

Stephen Gammon

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